The Tidewater Drillers is an esteemed youth baseball and softball organization focusing on sports and essential life skills. After the organization’s inception, the Tidewater Drillers added fastpitch softball to their list of teams. Being the second AAU team ever started in the Tidewater area, they produce good athletes, upstanding young men and women, and respected community members.

Founded in 1994, Gary Wright was persuaded by a friend named Marvin “Towny” Townsend, who started the area’s first-ever AAU team, the Blasters. After years of rivalry, the Drillers stand proud at the top of the many youth organizations in the area today.

Producing many great players in the MLB, such as Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, Michael Cuddyer, and Chris Taylor, a first-round draft pick, the Tidewater Drillers are thriving with great players and young men and women.